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Teresa McCullough

Coordinator | Creative Director | Photographer

Teresa is versed in creative direction, video editing, as well as hands on camera operation, and has a creative background spanning from painting, textile work to visual arts. Skilled as well in both photography and photo retouching, she has a natural ability to capture those key moments in time, and make clients feel natural & comfortable in front of the camera. 


"I have always been an artist. I love creating and bringing things to life -- Whether I am painting a canvas, cutting up an old shirt or have a camera in my hand. I am always finding beauty in the world, even when it seems ugly. I believe we can make changes to the world by spreading compassion and caring about life in all forms. I hope I can bring positivity and love to everyone I meet. I value genuine connections, conversations and community.

We must love and respect each other."

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What Clients Are Saying

"The moment I stepped into our session, Teresa & Andrew made me feel welcomed and comfortable. They warmly accommodated me and my ideas, all the while perfectly executing their own. I very much enjoyed every moment of the shoot. :) Thank you guys !"




Andrew Clark

Sound Designer | Photographer | Audio Engineer | DP

Andrew obtains a BS degree in Audio Production, and has additionally built a freelance career in post sound for TV & film. Credits include, but not limited to: BET, Lions Gate, HGTV’s Property Brothers, & more. His ongoing creative passion for the field of audio production, photography and cinematography is the underlying reason for his acute attention to detail within it, and his constant drive for growth.


”While taking a great deal of pride in maintaining a strong work ethic, I have always believed that no goal can be reached without sacrifice and dedication. Obtaining strong communication skills, the ability to receive constructive criticism, and contributing genuine creative input are key characteristics I strongly stand by, and believe are crucial assets in order to promote growth from within. I'm constantly striving to learn and grow with love and purpose.

Stay inspired. Stay creative."

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